12 January 2010

Sajak Rindu Padamu

my lady
when i'm thinking of you
i feel love
i feel the care
i feel the happiness you've bring to my life
i feel you

oh my baby
as i explore my tiny heart
i found that i really want to make you happy
i really to fullfill all your desire
somehow i just being myself
with my limitation
whose too weak to give you more

i hope that our love
stay strong together
to get through our tough time
challenging time together
and i hope
this relationship is always blessed
with joy and happiness

i just wanna say
i love you
so much'

And i always
miss you
day and night
rain or shine
miss you

miss your sweet smiles
miss your cute laughter
miss your warm hugs
miss your soft touches
miss your cheeky act
miss you honey

i love you

Note: This poem is created on 25 October 2007

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